Frequently Asked Questions

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Some common questions from users:

Q. How does Toolbox Genomics gather research?

TBG uses guidelines from the FDA and scientific community to select the best research papers available. Our healthcare practitioners then put the research under even closer scrutiny and consider how easily people can implement the recommendations, what recommendations will have the largest benefit, and how someone can best collaborate with their healthcare provider to determine the next steps for their health.

The research TBG uses to inform your report meets the following criteria:

  • Studies that look at human health and behavior, not animal or cell studies
  • Studies large enough to have statistical significance (a research term that demonstrates reliability of study results).

    Focus areas of research include:
    1. The connection between genetic variants and specific health conditions
    2. Lifestyle behaviors (nutrition, exercise, supplements, etc) that impact specific health conditions

  • Results have been validated by more than one study
  • Results are actionable for the consumer.

We take the following research components into account for our selection:

  • Ethnicity:  does it apply to all ethnicities or is it specific to one or more ethnic groups
  • Gender: were the results unique to males, females or both

Q.Why don’t I see a particular SNP on Toolbox, but I’ve seen it on other sites?

Because of our rigorous literature review process, we only report SNPs that meet our high standards for scientific evidence. We also only include SNPs that are actionable, meaning that you will be able to use the information from your Toolbox Genomics report to improve your wellness. We continuously review more SNPs and associations, and update our reports as soon as more high-quality literature is published.

Q. Will I get a report or recommendation for every SNP you list?

We can only include recommendations for those SNPs that were reported in your data. Sometimes, a SNP is “missing” or not reported in your raw data due to uncertainty in the original test results. We will give the most applicable recommendation if possible, but won’t include missing SNPs in your report.

Q. Will Toolbox Genomics store my genetic data or use it for any commercial interest?

No. Every time you access your results, we pull your data to generate a fresh report— we do not store your genetic data or your report results anywhere on Toolbox Genomics, nor do we use any of your data for commercial purposes. Our site only stores basic customer information (name, address, email).

Q. Can I delete my account at any time?

Yes. We will be happy to delete any and all of your data upon request. Please submit a written request to the address below:
Toolbox Genomics, Inc.
75 Broadway, Suite 251
San Francisco, CA 94111.

Q. How secure is my data on your site?

All data to and from our site is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, the industry standard for secure browsing. To address possible database breaches, our site only stores basic customer information (name, address, email). In the event of a data breach, we use Google's infrastructure that follows the latest security standards.