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Frequently Asked Questions

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How It Works

Q. How Toolbox Genomics Works

Toolbox Genomics is a data interpretation service. We take genetic data generated by a CLIA/CAPP certified lab and compare it against hundreds of genetic markers that our research team has identified as significant.

In addition to the genetic data, when you first create your account, we ask that you answer a questionnaire. Answers to these questions will help further personalize your report. It is important to note that genetics represent the potential foundation of you. However, your genetics alone do not determine everything about you. How you and your environment interact with your genes will determine whether or not your genes are being expressed (e.g. your preference for black coffee or Lemon Heads).

Q. What information does Toolbox Genomics use to generate my Health Action Plan?

Toolbox Genomics uses both your genetic data and completed questionnaire to generate your Health Action Plan. We are able to generate a Health Action Plan based solely on your genetic data; however, answering the questionnaire at the beginning of your experience will generate a more customized report. If your health condition changes over time, you can always go back to your profile and update your questionnaire responses.

Q. How do I register my DNA test kit?

Once you have purchased your Toolbox Genomics Health Action Plan, you will be mailed a DNA Collection Kit. On the kit, you will find a barcode. Please go here to register your kit. You will be asked to create an account and sign a consent form related to our collection of your genetic sample, analysis of your genetic sample, and use and disclosure of your genetic data prior to registering your barcode. This is required to allow the lab to sequence your DNA and for Toolbox Genomics to generate your Health Action Plan.

Q. How is my DNA collected?

We will send you a DNA Collection Kit containing instructions, 2 packages of cheek swabs each containing 2 swabs (total of 4 swabs), a DNA Sample Envelope and a prepaid return envelope.

To collect your DNA (directions can also be found on your collection kit):

  1. Using one swab at a time, rub the tip back and forth, up and down on the inside of your cheek for 30 seconds. To prevent excess saliva, avoid the gum area.
  2. To dry, hold and wave swab for 60 seconds, then place it directly into the DNA sample envelope.
  3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 with the three remaining swabs. (Be sure to use all 4 swabs, 2 swabs per cheek.)

Q. What can I expect to find in my Health Action Plan?

In your Health Action Plan, you will gain genetic insight into the 5 domains of optimal health and wellness, including lifestyle, supplement, nutrition, exercise and further testing tips. You can read more about How It Works here.

Q. Will I get a report or recommendation for every SNP you list?

We are committed to providing you with the highest degree of personalized and actionable recommendations that are based on the most up-to-date research. Because of this, we consider certain factors like gender and ethnicity when analyzing the scientific research. Sometimes there is variability in the findings between these groups, where the study will show significance for one group and not for the other. When this happens, we will give the most applicable recommendation if possible, but won't include information for populations where the scientific evidence is not strong.

Additionally, we report on all tested genotypes within the tables of the report. However, scientific recommendations are only generated for the traits for which you have the known risk variant. This is because the recommendations are there to help guide you in potentially overcoming those specific genetic predispositions. Traits with a non-variant finding do not include recommendations, but are stated within the tables inside of the report.

Q. What data does Toolbox Genomics use?

Toolbox Genomics is a data interpretation service. We use genetic data from our contracted CLIA/CAPP certified labs to generate your personalized report. If you have genetic data from a difference source and would like to see if we can generate a report for you, please email us at

Q. How long does it take to receive my results?

Once you have sent in your genetic sample (i.e., the cheek swabs), you can expect to receive your report within 6 weeks.

Q. How accurate is the data?

The accuracy of the raw data from our CLIA/CAPP certified lab is extremely accurate with a greater than 98% call rate.

Q. Can I share my report?

What you decide to do with your report is up to you. Sharing your Health Action Plan can be a great way to engage others in conversation as well as explore new health and wellness tips. However, we like to remind users that your DNA information is sensitive information and others may be able to learn something about you that you did not intend them to.

Q. What if I already have my DNA data?

If you have already been genotyped or have your DNA data, please find more information here.

The Science

Q. What is a SNP?

A SNP is also called a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism. Your DNA consists of 4 main building blocks (nucleotides), Adenine (A), Thymine (T), Guanine (G), and Cytosine (C). In certain locations within your DNA, one person may have an A, whereas another may have a G. This difference in the base pair is often called a variant. This variant is a SNP.

Q. What is epigenetics?

Epigenetics is the change in genetic expression based on your exposure to a combination of factors such as age, environment, lifestyle such as sleep and stress, and diet.

Q. How does Toolbox Genomics gather research?

TBG uses FDA and scientific community guidelines to select the best research papers available. Utilizing these criteria, TBG has a grading system which allows them to distinguish between high quality research studies and low research studies. A key criteria that we use is utilizing human only studies. Because the research is conducted by healthcare practitioners, the research is subject to additional scrutiny to determine how easily consumers can utilize and implement the recommendations, what recommendations will have the largest benefit to the consumer and ways for the consumer to collaborate or partner with their healthcare provider to determine next steps for the health of their genes.

Q. Why don’t I see ____ SNP on Toolbox, but I’ve seen it on other sites?

Because of our rigorous literature review process, we don’t report SNPs that don’t meet our standards for scientific evidence. We have reviewed many more SNPs and associations than are currently not included in our reports and will update what is included as higher quality literature is published.

Q. I want to read the study that you used to give my recommendation. Can you provide me with the research paper?

Unfortunately we cannot provide the actual articles to you because they are often restricted and require a fee for access. We can provide the article information that can allow you to search and find the abstract describing the results. In some cases, the articles themselves are open access and can be acquired with for free. Please contact us at if you are interested in the research.


Q. Will my genetic data be stored or used for any commercial interest?

Your genetic data and report results will be stored in a database that is protected by SSL encryption. Our systems and services are protected using industry standard security measures. Your genetic data will not be shared with any third parties, except in instances that you choose to direct us to provide your report to a third party. Registration information, Self-Reported Information, and Preference Information may be shared with Strategic Partners. Please read more in our Privacy Policy.

Q. Can I delete my data any time?

Yes. We will be happy to delete any and all of your data upon request. Please submit a written request to the address below:

Toolbox Genomics, Inc.
75 Broadway St, Suite 251
San Francisco, CA 94111

Q. How secure is my data on your site?

Personal Information about users that is maintained on Toolbox’s systems and servers is protected using industry standard security measures. In order to secure your Personal Information, access to your data is password-protected, and sensitive data is protected by SSL encryption when it is exchanged between your web browser and the Toolbox website. Our data storage system also meets HIPAA compliance standards. However, no security measures are perfect or impenetrable, and Toolbox cannot guarantee that the information submitted to, maintained on, or transmitted from its systems will be completely secure. Toolbox is not responsible for the circumvention of any privacy settings or security measures contained on the Toolbox website by any users or third parties.

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