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Hormone Panel

Designed to help people understand why they may have difficulty losing weight, irregular menstrual cycles, depression, irregular hormone levels or loss of libido


Offers an analysis of 7 traits and 22 genes, providing insight into how your client produces, circulates, and metabolizes hormones. Help your clients better understand their hormonal system to optimize balance through a healthier lifestyle. This panel includes the following traits:

  • Cortisol
  • DHEA
  • Estrogen
  • Estrogen Metabolism
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone in Men
  • Testosterone in Women

The report offers:

  • Key genetic insights. Discover genetic predisposition to poor hormone metabolization, and learn what this may mean for your client.
  • Research-backed recommendations. Don’t guess how your client processes hormones. Learn which supplements and diet supports hormonal balance and those environmental factors that can promote imbalance.
  • Unique reports. See how diet, exercise, lifestyle, and supplements can impact your client’s ability to maintain optimal hormones.
  • Customized evaluations. Get insight into specific environmental factors to avoid, stress management techniques, exercise techniques, and optimal diet strategies to balance hormones. All based on your client’s DNA results.
  • Science-based analysis. Gather appropriate information to teach clients how to achieve balanced hormonal levels.
Our hormone panel will provide you with valuable insight to show client’s how to work with their body’s endocrine system instead of against it.

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Don't rely on symptoms alone to understand your client’s ability to process and metabolize hormones. The Hormone Panel analyzes your client’s genes giving feedback based on scientific recommendations.


  • Gain valuable insight into how your client’s body handles stress and what can be done to prevent it from negatively impacting their hormonal balance.
  • Learn how cortisol hormone levels can impact your client’s stress response and how they can help overcome imbalances.
  • Get easy-to-implement steps to reduce stress so they can achieve better hormonal balance.


  • Get a customized breakdown of which nutrients may be most important for client’s health and overall hormonal balance.
  • Find out how diet can interact with your client’s genes to contribute to hormonal imbalances.
  • Get valuable insight into how your client may respond to dietary strategies such as: seed cycling, increased intake of cruciferous vegetables, and the benefit of maintaining adequate dietary fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in the diet.


  • Get an analysis of important traits that can impact your client’s hormonal balance and increase the risk of hormone-influenced conditions.
  • Learn how poor or interrupted sleep and a sedentary lifestyle can negatively influence your client’s hormonal balance.
  • Learn how to educate your client regarding sleep, diet, and exercise, to stay on track with appropriate management of hormones. 


  • Gain valuable insight into how your client’s body metabolizes and clears hormones.
  • Learn how xenoestrogens can challenge your client’s ability to clear hormones, and other environmental hormonal influences leading to hormonal imbalance.
  • Get easy-to-implement steps to help reduce environmental hormonal influencers and optimize metabolization of hormones through diet, supplements, and detoxification.