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HealthcarePro has been developed for licensed healthcare practitioners such as a MD, NP, DO, DC, or PA, who can order lab testing under your licensure within your state of practice. HealthcarePro has been designed to help improve your clinical practice to achieve optimal health and wellness.

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Improve patient engagement and treatment adherence to improve health outcomes

Attract New Patients

  • 74% of population is interested in DNA testing, but only 8% have had a test
  • Receive promotional material
  • Participate in our referral network

Retain Existing Clients

  • Improve treatment protocol and program adherence, client results, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Save time and minimize trial and error through genomic testing
  • Provide a more satisfying patient-doctor experience, which increases patient trust.

Increase Overall Revenue

  • Significant margins on TBG panels and products
  • Expand your package offerings to drive higher engagement over time
  • Recommendations support your supplement product line

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