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Your Health Action Plan

The 5 essential domains to your health and wellness

Lifestyle    recommendations to overcome genetic predispositions and live your healthiest life, including stress management and sleep techniques, oral health, and other important lifestyle strategies.

Nutrition    diet and nutrition strategies, including specific foods, to help you overcome genetic predispositions and live your healthiest life.

Supplements    dietary vitamins and supplements, including type and amount, to help you overcome genetic predispositions and live your healthiest life.

Exercise    specific exercise strategies, including cardiovascular, muscular strength, and overall physical activity, to help you overcome genetic predispositions and live your healthiest life.

Further testing    additional testing recommendations to see how exactly your genetic predisposition is affecting you, so that you are equipped with the knowledge needed to take control of your health.


Learn more about you

Once your DNA has been analyzed once through Toolbox Genomics, you can reuse your genetic data to constantly find new insights to fit your interests.

Whether you save now with your first order or come back later and purchase a new report, Toolbox Genomics saves you both time and money.

We've developed our product with you in mind every step of the way.


1st Health Action Plan
(Toolbox Genomics Testing Kit + 1 Health Action Plan)
Add on a 2nd Health Action Plan $57
Add on a 3rd Health Action Plan $57 $47
Add on a 4th Health Action Plan $57 $37
Want to learn more down the road? Once you've been genotyped, each additional product will be only $57 (with additional savings when you buy more than one).
No need for another DNA test kit!


We PRIDE ourselves on the fact that all of our recommendations are based entirely on solid, scientific evidence that has demonstrated effective and specific methods to reduce the risk for the onset of various health conditions associated with diet, exercise, weight management, and other lifestyle factors.

We've physically combed through over 12,000 published research papers to bring you recommendations based on the best research available.

Some examples of where we get our science:


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