Operations/Product Implementation



Toolbox Genomics is setting new standards in DNA testing, analysis and reporting in the precision medicine health and wellness market. As an early member of our team, you’ll have a key role developing and implementing our portfolio of genomics products that are founded in scientific research and focused on helping consumers, wellness professionals, physicians and enterprises take action toward improving people’s individual health.


Founded in January, 2016, Toolbox Genomics is a digital platform that takes an individual’s genetic test results and offers a virtual toolbox of easy-to- understand lifestyle choices to live the healthiest possible life. The pipeline is rich, we’re focused on delivering recently signed agreements, planning for accelerated growth in revenue and hiring the right people to help us achieve our enormous potential.


  • Work with an inspiring team to develop great products geared toward health and wellness
  • Combine our cutting-edge research with human interaction to deliver above industry standard user experiences across all products and services
  • Develop, run, and communicate the roadmap for implementation of our current and future products in our pipeline to the interdisciplinary team ensuring timelines are met and updated appropriately
  • Work across all aspects of a product including client interaction and collaboration, hardware, software, industrial design, data science, service design, and more
  • Challenge yourself working on multiple large scope projects at the same time
  • Work with interdisciplinary functional teams of researchers, designers, programmers, health and wellness providers and operations to build new products


  • Impact-driven. You care about your impact upon the world. That means more building and less talking as you work toward something that has a chance to improve people’s lives.
  • Quality-obsessed. You know the importance of a good user-experience and have suffered through poor user experiences, especially those found in the health and wellness spaces.
  • Inquisitive and Nimble. You’re curious. You’re always learning. You’re comfortable talking with a healthcare provider as you are with a designer or engineer.
  • Flexible. You can alternate between 10,000 foot and 10 foot views easily, and at the right time. You know the importance of following a vision but can also get your hands dirty when necessary.
  • Imaginative. Thinking outside the box comes naturally to you. You’re constantly thinking about what other opportunities are out there.
  • Thrive in Chaos. You appreciate the rollercoaster ride of rapid ups, downs, twists and turns inherent in a start-up.
  • A Leader. You inspire the best out of people. You know how to jump in to get the work done and leave your ego at the door. Teams want to be at your side to help build something great.


  • 5+ years operational/project management experience.
  • BA/BS required. Healthcare experience preferred.
  • PM experience required.
  • Startup experience helpful.


We don’t want to just create another DNA testing product - we want to create a better way to provide DNA based information to consumers, practitioners, physicians and enterprises. You would be a major part of redefining the genetics space and you would work with a team of people who want to use their talents for the good of humanity.


Competitive Salary and Health Benefits


Submit your resume and cover letter to:
Elvina Hewitt