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Published on Aug. 30, 2017

The Greatness Within

Learn about the fascinating world of you in ways you never knew before.

“You are awesome, just the way you are!”

Just allow those words to sink in for a moment.  There is nothing behind it.  It is not, “you are awesome, but….” Or “you are awesome, if…” 

Just 3 simple words. Yet, these words are often used to compliment people and then as a lead in for people to offer a critique or commentary.

I just came back from a wonderful conference with likeminded health entrepreneurs and one of our keynote speakers spoke about “How To Fascinate.”  In her speech she used the quote, “you are awesome, just the way you are” and mentioned how rarely it is used as a standalone comment. 

After I had a moment to digest her words, I turned my attention to our genes and what happens when we receive our genetic information for the first time.  Often times people experience fear, trepidation, concern, anxiety or curiosity, but I have never heard the word “awesome.”  It occurred to me that when our results arrive, we don’t sit back and marvel at this incredible opportunity to pull back the curtain and peek into the inner workings of us.  Instead, our minds are racing in several different directions, trying to figure out what to do, what do the results mean, what steps do I need to take next. 

The opportunity to know your DNA is like receiving a mini-instruction guide to YOU. Not me, not your friend, but YOU, and YOU are awesome just the way you are.  Our bodies are incredible machines that are capable of so much ranging from our physical strength, to our ability to problem solve to our ability to love, and all of that is guided and coached by our DNA. 

Instead of fearing what our DNA brings, think about how awesome our DNA is.  Because of this awesome DNA, you can be awesome just the way you are.

The next time you open up your Health Action Plan or someone tells them they are scared to see what their results will bring, remind them or yourself, that you are about to discover the greatness within.  Say the words, “I am awesome, just the way I am,” take a deep breath, and enjoy exploring the fascinating world of you.

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